I left my beautiful home country of New Zealand and moved to New York with about $100 in my purse and a head full of dreams. I was 18 years old at the time and, of course, I knew everything. My life took many twists and turns but I ended up falling into a job at the Franklin Report, The insiders' guide to home services.  This was where my love for interior design started.   

After moving back to NZ then to Chicago I have now landed in San Francisco with my beloved husband and our three hilariously wonderful children.  I have been fortunate to work with wonderful clients in all three places and I have learned so much about different types of houses for the different climates. 

In my spare time, I work with many non-profit organizations and help support my children's school by creating fundraisers and community organized events. I pour my heart into every project and love giving back.

I delight in over-thinking every detail. I love big/small projects, creative photo shoots, and designing special experiences.  I love to travel with my family, hosting dinner parties and hiking with my dog Duke!